Located in the Wisconsin countryside, Pine River has been making award-winning cheese spreads and confections since 1963. We invite you to explore our site and experience the quality and time-honored tradition of our fine products. Enjoy!

We combine more than four generations of experience in the cheese business with today’s precision processing techniques to make our cheese spreads. Exacting manufacturing standards and our state-of-the-art cutter assure standout flavor and texture. Our highly trained cheese makers have been working with us to skillfully craft our cheese spreads. Their keen eye for detail contributes to the delicacy and perfection of each and every batch.

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Pine River makes two types of cheese spread: Cold Pack and Snack Spread. They are distinguished by the method of mixing and ingredients.

Cold Pack is made by blending cuts of Grade A--Wisconsin State Brand--Natural Cheddar, aged nine months, with cream and other dairy ingredients. Herbs, spices or nuts are added to create our award-winning flavors. Cold Pack Cheese Food, the official name, signifies that the product is made without the aid of heat. It remains as similar as possible to natural cuts of cheese but with the advantage of being in a convenient spreadable form. It’s a good source of Protein, Calcium and Phosphorus too. In the early days, it was served in stoneware crocks as an appetizer at supper clubs and taverns in Wisconsin.

Snack Spread is made by blending cuts of Grade A--Wisconsin State Brand--Natural Cheddar and other choice ingredients. A variety of popular flavors are made by adding herbs or spices. In processing, it’s heated to make it less sensitive to temperature changes in shipping and storage. It’s perfect for gift baskets and boxes or in situations when constant refrigeration isn’t possible. Snack Spread contains more moisture, but less fat and calories, than Cold Pack or natural cuts of Cheddar. This gives it a softer consistency so it can be served as a spread, a dip or warmed to create a sauce.

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